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K5RNB Repeater

Please note the new frequency of the repeater

145.230 MHz - PL 100.0 Hz

TX/RX General Electric MASTR II Base Repeater
Antenna Decibel Products DB-224-E
Feedline 1060’ Andrew HJ7-50A 1 5/8” Heliax
Duplexer TX RX Systems
ERP 250 Watts
Controller Link Communications RLC-4
Power Supply Astron RM-35M
Backup Power APC Symmetra LX 8kVA
Emergency Power Onan 100KW Cummins Diesel Genset
Signed On 11 November 2006



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Tower Stub Amor Ranch

Standing the 130' stub of what would ultimately top out at 1041' AGL to become the tallest tower in Denton County a distinction the structure still holds to this day. 11/10/2001.

Position of the DB-224-E @ 930 HAAT

Position of the DB-224-E @ 930 HAAT. The KESS interleaved antenna is the 16 elements above. 8 analog—8 digital 11/14/2009.

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